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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting VELVET Online Shop (hereinafter referred to as to “We”, “Us”, “the Site”). By using our service, such as member registration, placing order, (hereinafter “the Service”), you are agreeing to all of the Terms & Conditions (hereinafter “the Agreement”) as follow.

If you have any opinion about the Site or this Terms & Conditions, please contact our customer service team.


1.     Service

You shall use the Service according to the stipulations of Hong Kong laws and ordinances, regulations, and directives and rules; the Agreement; and the Privacy Policy, and Return & Refund Policy of Us, separately established and shall use the Service after understanding and consenting to the same.


2.     Membership

A “Member” is a general term for a user who requests registration in accordance with the procedure stipulated by Us after complete understanding and consenting to the content of the Agreement, other policies of the Site, and for whom this request is accepted by Us.

i. Registration:You will need to register an account to use the Service available to you on the Site. To register an account, you agree to provide information, such as your name, e-mail address, contact number and delivery address that is true, accurate, current and complete. If you are under the age of 18, you must let your parents or guardians know about the Site and the Agreement before you register. We reserve the right to only accept orders from you if you are aged 18 or above.

ii. ID and Password Management:You must keep your password safely. We shall not be liable for any responsibility caused by unauthorized use of your member account due to your password leakage. If you feel or suspect that the security of your account has been compromised or if there is unauthorized use of your account, please contact Us immediately.

iii. Change of Information:You can manage your information from “My Account”. We do not bear any responsibility for any damages incurred as a result of failure to update registration information appropriately

iv. Withdrawal of Membership:You may withdraw from membership at any time by sending us an e-mail through here . You will lose your membership qualification once we receive your request for withdrawal of membership.


3.     Purchasing Products

The Agreement governs all the goods and services provided by Us. If you continue to purchase any goods or use any services in the Site, it means that you acknowledge and declare that you have read, understood and agreed to abide the terms and conditions herein. You need to provide complete and updated information in accordance with our stated requirements, including but not limited to your name, e-mail address, contact number and delivery address and etc.

When you wish to purchase a product from Us, you shall request purchase of the product using a method specified by Us. Make sure the color, quantity and size of the product are accurate, then confirm your delivery address and click “Confirm Order”. A contract exists between you and Us when a verifying e-mail is to be sent to your e-mail address provided.

Once you selected the goods or services at the Site, completed entering all payment information and confirmed the purchase order, the order cannot be cancelled or revised.

The risk of all goods will be transferred to you when the goods are delivered to your designated delivery address, but We retain the title to the goods until you or the paying bank have settled the outstanding charges of the goods.

In the following cases, you cannot purchase products from within the Site even if information relating to those products is listed on the site:

i. When the shipping destination of the product is in a country or region to which the shipping company specified by Us cannot ship.

ii. When We determines that selling the product in question may infringe upon the rights and authority of a third party.

The Site is for your personal use only. You may not purchase goods from the Site for reselling purposes or commercial exploitation.


4.     Shipping Method

We endeavor to dispatch all products ordered on the next one to two working day (except Saturday, Sunday and public holiday of Hong Kong SAR) after your order has arrived at Hong Kong.

Pleased be noted that sometimes the arrival time may be delayed because of various reasons such as adverse weather, traffic condition, remote areas, etc.

Occasionally orders are returned to Us as incorrect address, failed delivery attempts, refuse to pay tax, unable to make import declarations or parcel refused by recipient. When an undeliverable product is returned to Us, we will issue a refund by deducting the original shipping fee, handling fee and re-stocking fee.

We do not bear any responsibility for any forfeiture, fines, returns, or other measures taken due to purchase or use prohibitions or limitations in the country to which you belong.

Please also see “Shipping Method”for details.


5.     Payment Method

You are responsible to pay the total of the price of the product, handling fees and delivery fee listed on the Site. For overseas customers, you may have to pay for any extra customs and duties.

Payment for products purchased through the Service is limited to payment by PayDollar.

Please also see “Payment Method” for details.


6.    Cash Points

We offer 1 cash point for every HKD 100 purchase. 1 cash points can be used as HKD 1 on the next purchase and every 50 cash points can be used. Related cash points earned will be deducted when You returned products. We are not responsible for any loss because of any technological errors.


7.     Return and Refund

Returns of products are only permitted for reasons owing to the fault of Us such as product defects, wrongful delivery, or other reasons caused by Us. Please contact Us  before you return the product to Us. We will only return the payment amount relating to the product in question after you return the product according to a procedure separately established by Us within 7 days.

Please also see Return & Refund Policy  for details.


8.     Prohibition

i.      Use the Site for any unlawful purpose or of which are prohibited by any applicable laws, rules, and/or regulations.

ii.    You further agree that you will not infringe, access or use any of our server or database.

iii.  Collect or store any personal information of other members.

iv.   Publish or transmit any unlawful, fraudulent, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive language, offensive content which may constitute or instigate any illegal acts, or cause any civil liability or violation of any local, national, international laws or laws of other countries, infringement of any intellectual property rights, legal rights, or violation of the others’ rights or breach of confidentiality.

v.     Publish or transmit any advertisement or letters, etc.

vi.   Publish, transmit, copy, or use any information and/or content from the Site in whatever manner for commercial purposes.

vii. In the absence of any written approval from Us, reproduce, publish, transmit, copy or distribute any information/content in this website, or obtain any content with copyright protection through the Site.

viii.        Permit third party use your login name or password directly or indirectly.

ix.   Transmit, attach any viruses or other harmful or damaging program to damage or interfere the normal operation of any computer software, hardware or telecommunications equipment through the Site.

x.     Reproduce or transmit the content of which is under the protection of intellectual property laws or any applicable law.

xi.   Interfere the use and enjoyment of this website by members and others.

xii. Do any actions to interfere the others.


9.     Exemptions from Responsibility

All the information in the Site is only for your reference only and should not be regarded as professional advice. We will not make any expressed or implied statement, representation or warranty for the accuracy or completeness of the said information.

In any circumstances, We will not be responsible for any liability (including, without limited to,) any errors or omissions in any content of or information in the Site, nor be responsible for any loss or damage caused by publishing, reproducing, transmitting or distributing the content in the Site.

We do not have the right to control the content of any webpages and/or any links therein provided by the information providers, and We will not be liable for such links and/or the content, the respective providers will be liable for the content and/or the links they provided.

The products and information in the Site are only provided within the legally permitted areas from time to time. We will not intend to provide the Site information to users who are within the area which has legal restriction on our release of information. You must understand and comply with such restrictions. We shall not be liable for any claims caused by the default or omission of products and/or services provided and/or supplied by other suppliers or service providers.

We do not make any assurances regarding, nor do We bear any responsibility for damages, loss, or disadvantage that arises due to defects in quality, material quality, performance, functionality, and compatibility with other products as regards products sold via the Service.

The Site does not bear any responsibility for any damage, loss, or disadvantage incurred either directly or indirectly by a Member in the following cases when the Site temporarily discontinues, interrupts, or changes service:

i.      When fire, earthquake, flood, thunder and lightning episodes, blizzard, or other acts of God occur.

ii.    When war, internal dispute, terrorism, explosions, riots, or other social instabilities occur.

iii.  When the Site is not able to receive appropriate service from the telephone company, shipping company, or internet provider with which the Site contracts.

iv.   When the Site is unable to respond technologically for some reason.


10.     Intellectual Property

The content of the Site, the products and information which has been licensed and authorized by the owner or licensee are our property. The copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents or other intellectual proprietary rights are belonging to us or the product and information provider or the licensee of the said product. You shall not modify, reproduced or distributed the whole or any part of the content. About the content of this website, you do not have any rights to use any part of its content unless it has been approved by the Agreement herein.


11.  Changes to Agreement

We reserve the absolute right to modify the terms and conditions, the description of products and scope of services and other features. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from such modification. After the Terms herein are revised, your continued use of this website shall constitute your acknowledgement and acceptance of such amendments.

Should there be any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.