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Payment Method


Payment Method


-       We only accept PayDollar for your payment. You can pay with AliPay, VISA and MasterCard.


-       Security of PayDollar

i.         Payment Information Transmission Security

Payment information transmitted over Internet to our system is encrypted / protected with the use of market standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer protocol (SSL). And, transaction originated IP is traced and recorded.

ii.       Cardholder Authentication Security

Payment authentication is well supported not only by CVV, CVC but also 3-D Secure of Visa, MasterCard and JCB cards namely Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. Reported lost and stolen cards are immediately rejected.

iii.     Payment Processing Security

Merchant can define various payment processing limit thresholds at transaction, daily and monthly level to lessen the impact due to abnormal sales and payment activities.

iv.      Access Control Security

Merchants can self-maintain necessary user profiles and accounts with multi-level functional entitlement control for eligible staff to operate the payment administration functions.

v.        Data Security

Limited processed payment information is kept in secure form and environment for merchants' business operating reference.

vi.      Network Security

  1. he payment platform is maintained at carrier-graded Internet Data Centre with dedicated network connectivity setup with banks and card companies.

vii.    Fraud Prevention

In addition to a secure, reliable and safe payment gateway, we also offer comprehensive range of fraud detection techniques for merchants to reduce the potential loss incurred from fraudulent transactions.


-       Customs

You may need to pay for tax and customs depending on the quantity of products you purchased. Tax rates vary on destination countries. If you need to pay customs, you will be notified. After paying the customs, you will be able to receive your products. For more information please contact your local customs office for current charges before you order.